I have always advocated for smart health & wellness practices and the ability for citizens to have choices. I endeavored to correct measures implemented that are obsolete or ineffective in these growing times, as well as passed legislation streamlining and updating best practices to make your access to medical assistance more effective; while understanding that quality patient care is paramount.

Episodes of Care bill

By passing the Episodes of Care bill this year we allow individuals working with mental health organizations to access the tools needed to live, work, and enjoy their lives. The bill allows hospital’s and mental health facilities to treat a broad spectrum of emergent mental health traumas immediately.

HB 1541

Stroke Task Force

Keenly aware of heart health, I advocated and have been a part of a Stroke Task Force that aided in passing legislation creating comprehensive stroke teams. Partnering Emergency Response Personnel, hospitals, and doctors, who evaluate and get you to the closest stroke designated hospital in your area, so you can be in the right hospital receiving the best treatment within the window it takes to save your life.

HB 2167

Tennessee Suicide Mortality Review and Prevention Act 

Passed the Tennessee Suicide Mortality Review and Prevention Act. As a parent, a friend, and retired healthcare provider, that still holds a license, I understand life has plenty of stressor’s that have a way of pulling us in different directions, making challenges seem unsurmountable. I want families to have access to information that could identify and address the factors that contribute to suicide and enable state system changes to prevent suicide deaths.

HB 1961

Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities

I’m not lost on my “Baby Boomer” status and those who are older, persons with intellectual disabilities, and their caregivers, especially those members on TennCare. I was honored to team up with esteemed organizations to pass legislation assisting aging caregivers to receive the assistance they need, and allow college opportunities for the intellectually disabled.

HB 1542

Controlled Substances

I am one of several legislative members to realize early on and act on the opioid crisis as we continue our fight with the meth epidemic. I have since supported and sponsored many pieces of legislation that attempt to prevent the abuse of opioids, and drugs like U-47700 aka Pink.

HB 0337

Open Governing/Public Records

Open Governing is important to the citizens of this state. Transparency gives you the ability to access and know what is going on in government so you can make clear, informed decisions. I have partnered with organizations to bring legislation allowing the Advisory Committee on Open Government the opportunity to play a more active role in the legislative process. Right now, I am a member of the Joint Ad Hoc Committee where the state and various organizations will pragmatically begin to look at ways to resolve issues of conflict or laws that are obsolete. By reviewing the body of records in question, we will start the legislature down a path of clarity that will clean up portions of the open records laws and how the legislature handles open records legislation moving forward.

Orders of Protection

Passing legislation on your behalf is the most rewarding challenge I get to experience. You came to me seeking changes in the law after overcoming great challenges. You spoke up for youth, justice, and common sense. It is because of mothers and judges who came to talk to me, that inmates can no longer harass their victims when they are up for parole. Domestic abuse offenders can no longer use their victims benefits and services upon being convicted of domestic violence charges. There are AED’s in almost every school in Tennessee and definitely in every school in Blount.

Medical Cannabis

I continue to be a vocal advocate of research and the use of medical cannabis for approved patients suffering from Alzheimer’s, PTSD, chronic pain, seizures, epilepsy in adults and children.  I sat on an informed Joint Medical Cannabis Ad Hoc Committee and co-sponsored legislation that would have provided, a strict medically approved pathway for the use of medical cannabis. While I do not believe that cannabis is a gateway drug, I also do not believe it will be a pathway to recreation use, which I am firmly against.

Below you can view past meetings of the Joint Ad Hoc Committee on Medical Cannabis.

Proton Therapy

I have wrestled with the Governor and my colleagues in the House with professionalism and respect for them and the office I hold on your behalf. Not all of my legislation has been met with hearts and flowers. I’ve taken some legislative losses; Proton Therapy is one such loss that I believe would have helped teachers and state employees while possibly opening up discussion on alternative health practices and coverage for citizens in the state.

We Will Continue!

I will continue to tackle and address tough issues that affect Blount County and Tennessee: local economy and jobs, health and wellness, county rights, security in law enforcement, and corrections, support for our students, teachers and educational staff, immigration, and maintain open governing. Your continued engagement in the legislative process and conversations with me about our ever-changing landscape is important to me and an informed government. Your voice shapes how we all move purposefully in government. I will continue to confront and tackle the issues most important to the Blount County community while staying true to their vision.